Do You Want To Take Better Photos
With Your Digital Camera?

This Digital Photography DVD Guide Can Show You How!

Our DVD will show you how to become an expert in taking digital photos. All you need is a digital camera and this digital photography DVD and you're ready to start taking better photos straight away. GUARANTEED!

Taking Great Digital Photos Is Easy
With Our Digital Photography DVD

Professional News Photographer Brian Clough's Great DVD Shows You How To Improve Your Digital Photos, How To Save Time, Save Money, And Impress Your Family And Friends With Your New Found Skills...100% Guaranteed!

In this straightforward digital photography DVD Brian reveals the top tips and techniques he has learnt over his long career as a professional photographer and photo-journalist. Before long you will be taking fantastic photos effortlessly with only a basic digital camera.

Have you ever wondered why professionals seem to be able to take such great photos effortlessly? It's because no extra effort is required to take a great digital photos. All you need to know is the simple tried and tested techniques taught in this DVD and you can be taking the kind of great photos you see in newspapers and magazines every day.

Digital photography allows you to take fantastic photos without the risk of spending a small fortune on development costs, because you can take literally hundreds of photos and select only the best for development. This turns what used to be a very expensive hobby into a very affordable one. You can even use simple software on your personal computer to fix the imperfections before you develop them. Would you believe it's simple computer trickery that makes the models in fashion magazines look so perfect?

This Digital Photography DVD will show you how to take great photos effortlessly!

How Do I Get These Great Results
From My Digital Camera?

In How To Take Better Pictures With Your Compact Digital Camera, Brian Clough will show you how the professionals do it!

  • Using the standard features of your digital camera
  • The pros and cons of different camera memory cards
  • Picking a camera with the right number of megapixels
  • Capturing stunning landscapes and buildings
  • How to use the flash effectively
  • How to take photos from different perspectives to get unusual results
  • Taking photos of your family and pets
  • Experimenting to take great unique photos
  • Taking great holiday photos

If you are new to digital photography or simply want to try something different to get better results then this DVD can show you how. With the simple to understand techniques shown in this DVD you can start taking better digital photos and enjoy photography more.

With this guide you will learn how to:

  • Use your digital camera. Our DVD is presented in plain English with no unnecessary technical jargon to confuse you
  • Become a more confident digital photographer
  • Make the transition from confused beginner to digital pro!
  • Make great improvements in the photos you take
  • Not make the common mistakes that can ruin a photo
  • Copy your photos from your camera to your computer and print them straight away
  • Take more vibrant photos easily

But That's Not All!
Free Bonus - Online Learning Vault

Once you buy this DVD guide you will also get free lifetime membership to our digital photography online learning vault. This is where we have brought together all the information that we couldn't fit in the DVD. There is a wealth of extra useful information in the vault covering everything from camera maintenance to the more advanced stuff like macro and high speed photography. There is also a lot of fantastic information on getting your photos developed online and delivered to you in the post. In the editing section you can download great, easy to use digital photography software that you can use to retouch your photographs on your computer. We even provide easy-to-follow guides to walk you through how to do this in simple step by step instructions.

Features of the online learning vault:

  • How to take a digital photograph
  • Processing your digital photographs
  • Picking the right type of digital camera
  • Deciding what digital camera accessories you need and how to pick them
  • Free software for editing your digital photographs
  • How to use the free software to achieve outstanding results

Free Lifetime Membership
With This Photography DVD!



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How to Take Better Pictures With Your Compact Digital Camera

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This guide is fantastic. I bought it just before my last family holiday, my pictures have come out much better than I ever managed before.

A O'Donnell, Edinburgh
Thanks a lot, I took great photos at the Lydd airshow using the simple techniques I found in this DVD.

J Keating, Ashford
Superb product. I've recommended it to all my friends. Digital cameras seem less mind boggling now.

A Ford, Bath
Great DVD! The tips in this guide helped me take much better photos of the beautiful landscapes around me.

E Burns, Inverness
I just bought this guide and I'm really looking forward to trying some of this stuff out on my next holiday!

C Harris, Croydon

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How to Take Better Pictures With Your Compact Digital Camera

Buy Now For Only 13.99

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